Mark Cohen they/them

I am a generalist software engineer with a keen eye for detail. I hold particular expertise in web development, language design, and standards work.


I am an exceptionally fast learner, and pride myself on my ability to quickly take up any skill from first principles.

In working from first principles, I approach technical work with a healthy theoretical rigor, tempered by pragmatism.

I am a collaborator by default. I put real care and effort into communicating with compassion, trust, precision, and concision.

Whether it's web development or API design, I think like an interior designer: ergonomics, accessibility, and polish are always top-of-mind.

I have experience-forged skill in driving consensus among folks with competing needs and priorities.


It is impossible for technology to be neutral or apolitical; the conditions of society and the workplace are written into the systems we build.

It is my responsibility to ensure that the systems I build cannot be weaponized to do harm.


JavaScript • HTML • CSS
TypeScript • Modern React
Rust • Shell Scripting • C
Standard ML • Lisp • Scheme

Ski Mountaineering • GeoGuessr
Guitar • Magic: The Gathering


Java • C++ • Haskell
Remix • Playwright

Running • Speedcubing